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The Power of Your Story Can Break Your Limiting Beliefs

Owning our own stories as entrepreneurs may seem counterintuitive. Most of the time we're so focused on other people’s stories and what we can do for them that we forget what pushed us to be successful in the first place. In our episode with Adriana Alvarez, she reminds us of the importance of acknowledging the power within ourselves and how communities can help empower and uplift us.

Empower Yourself

Learning how to find yourself and why confidence is important can give you the boost you need to feel more empowered. Becoming empowered as a small business owner or solopreneur gives you the ability to see beyond any mistakes you may make and focus on the tasks at hand. It helps give us clarity and tune out the noise we may hear from others.

“The most important thing is this: if we are just regurgitating what we have heard other people say or what we think we’re supposed to do… it will feel and sound like noise.” - Adriana Alvarez

Our most recent guest, Adrian works closely with those who are discovering their story and what it means to step into their confidence. More often than not, she realizes that those who are holding back are scared of letting go of their comfort. If you remain comfortable for too long, you can start to lose track of your purpose and confidence.

“Get to a quiet still place and ask ‘what is mine to share?’ whether or not it lines up with what’s being told and taught in the moment… and can tap into their truest voice not the one that waters it down.” - Adriana Alvarez

Empower yourself to have your confidence and own your story. Understand that you can be great and complete the goals you’ve set for yourself. Don’t let the noise of the world hold you back, and get ready to take things head-on.

“Most people are not ready to own their own magic, they’re not ready to be legendary yet. They still need to be average. They need to stay in the pack and they’re not ready to pull away from it.” - Adriana Alvarez

Becoming empowered as an entrepreneur can inspire you to do great things and branch out. Networking and building relationships with those around you can have great benefits in the long run. Remember, any opportunity can be turned into an entrepreneurship opportunity.

Build a Community of Entrepreneurs

“I just knew that I was onto something and that was the start... I am big on networking and collaboration, I am really into having conversations with people.” - Adriana Alvarez

All it takes is one conversation. One conversation can spark change in your business and theirs. Networking is a vital part of entrepreneurship and gives you the community you need to expand your clientele and increase your profit.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to convey your company's message to any potential clients and current ones. Your ideas and creativity can be inspired by those in your community and allow you to embrace the changes that are yet to come.

“This is what I love when you’re in that creative space and you say yes to being the artist and the messenger, lots of things can move through you.” - Adriana Alvarez

Learn to empower yourself. Gain your confidence back. Become you’re meant to be. See the power within your story and start pushing your boundaries more and more each day. It takes a village to grow a successful business and starting on a strong foundation allows you to succeed.

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