Creating Investments that Perform

Many investors in startups and business have taken a chance on a great concept or team and then had it become stagnate.  Losing electricity immediately devalues the company with other buyers and makes it harder for you to see any ROI on the investment.  Instead of giving up, let EntrePODS come in and work hand-in-hand to figure out the rot, clear it out and then grow in ways that you had hoped from the start.

We have innovative ways we work with teams, processes and procedures to help stagnant or flailing businesses get it together to become the performers that are stars in your portfolio.  

Why EntrePods for Investors?

Family Office, Angel, Venture Capital or somewhere in between, we understand the changing landscape of business investments, especially now when we've seen 100+ year-old established brands like ABC Carpet & Home, 50+ Stock & Field, or Hertz, Global World, Washington Prime Group, etc. shockingly go into bankruptcy and close their doors over recent events.  

History shows us their fall along with others like major retailers Sears, JC Penny, L'Occitane has burst open the doors of opportunity in other ways.

Before signing on the dotted line, engage EntrePods to do a company audit and forecast roadmap for the company to reach profitability or, in established businesses, 50% revenue in the next 12 months. We use the most cutting edge AI software along with our team's expertise to interview, break down and then build out a plan for growth. We also uncover areas of weakness or improvement, as well as, do a full talent audit of the stakeholders and team so you know exactly who you're investing in.

If you have an underperforming asset, get us to come in and work with the team to see if we can turn it around, get the electricity sparking again and open up more options for you as the investor either in returns or an exit for yourself that's more attractive.

We Love Our Investor Referrals

We pay great referral fees. Many startups don't and shouldn't get external investor funding.  Startups like Craigslist, GitHub, Braintree grew into established companies before some received outside institutional investors.

If you met a team you loved but they weren't right for you or, in your opinion, not a great candidate yet, you're in luck, getting companies to the right level is our sweet spot.

It's a great way for you to still make a return on your exploratory investment with a company you liked but wasn't a fit while helping that company grow and get where they want to go.

At EntrePods, we love win-win-win scenarios and have them built right into our Mission and Values.

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