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Ready to Share Your Expertise with the World?

Apply to be a Guest Host!

Are you going to be our breakout Season 3 star guest?

We love experts who have a focus on modern solutions to today's biggest challenges faced by investors and entrepreneurs.

Who are you?


  • Are you an expert in a unique virtual business niche?

  • Are you a visionary who helps other entrepreneurs solve today's toughest challenges?

  • Are you an Angel or VC investor wanting to help hot emerging startups be better prepared to approach investors?

  • Are you in the business of buying and selling businesses to give owners the inside scoop on how to get the exit they really want?

  • Are you in a space or tech industry and interested in getting information out to emerging global markets?

  • Are you an expert who helps other experts overcome imposter syndrome and the limiting beliefs that stop incredible people every day from achieving everything they can in their business and life?

  • Or....something amazingly different?

If you have a burning desire to share your hard-earned knowledge to help others then EntrePods is where it's at.

We want you to help you get your passion out to the world! 

Apply Here


Please note, not all guests can be approved. We have a topic schedule we follow to ensure our listeners are always getting varied and new content but don't worry, if you have an amazing service, product or story, we just might feature or showcase you in our premium EntrePros membership community!

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