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How Multimedia is Used in Business

As entrepreneurs, we all know the importance of creativity and using that to our advantage. If, for some reason, we have the ideas but we're unsure how to execute we can always hire outwards to help us with our needs. Our most recent guest, Keely O'Connor, and her company Prosperitas Animation provide just that. They help business owners not only understand the importance of creative media but also deliver it

Telling A Story

Marketing has changed in the sense that it's no longer knocking on doors or making cold calls. Although it's still a part of our world, the main shift we've seen is more towards the technological world. We've mentioned multiple times on Entrepods the shift that we're seeing and how more consumers and businesses are taking to social media and finding creative ways to promote their business.

Keely mentioned on our show that the creativity and power that videos, graphics, and animations can bring to a company are astronomical. People enjoy cool visuals and are more likely to be "hooked" when it's presented to them in an organized manner. Videos and graphics are a way to showcase your business and tell its story. When making cold calls, it's hard to fit your company's potential and story in a 30-second elevator pitch, however, unleashing eye-catching graphics and animations on platforms that are built for multimedia is the perfect way to tell your story.

People want to get behind a business that they know and understand. They want to interact with the brand and understand who they're giving their business. Keely's company, Prosperitas, allows business owners to extend that part of themselves to their audience. This makes them more personable, relatable, and trustworthy. Multimedia assets are changing the game when it comes to marketing and promoting your business.

Reach A Wider Audience With Social Media

Online promotions used on social media aren't just for flashy graphics and animations (though, it is pretty cool), it also helps you target a specific audience and broaden that range to reach a larger amount of people looking for a brand like yours. When using social media, the most important thing to have up there are photos and videos of your business this, as stated above, captures your audience and brings them in.

As you begin to expand your business and take in new clients, it's essential to have a strong online presence that gives your brand a face and personality. With Prosperitas, they're able to give that to you with their creative and fun animations and graphics. Reach a wider online audience to get referrals, testimonials, and new clients as well.

Graphics, videos, animations, and social media are all interwoven into the business world, whether we like it or not. Enhance your business' branding with elements that tell your story while reaching a larger target audience. In the long run, you'll see your hard work to create an online presence, pay off.


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