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Learn From Others’ Mistakes As An Entrepreneur

Making mistakes when starting your business can feel like an entire range of emotions. You may start to feel like a failure, lost, unsure of yourself, and begin to lose confidence in your overall mission. Fear not! You are not alone, and making mistakes is how we learn and adapt to future situations. Speaking of, learning from other people’s mistakes that have been made before you can also help guide you into the path that is most desirable.

Making Mistakes Leads To Success

It may seem counterintuitive to say that mistakes lead to success, but it truly does! The only way we can learn is by doing, and unfortunately, that means doing the ‘not so pleasant parts of running a business as well. You may begin to pursue something that you think will be beneficial only to find that another solution works better. Our guest Mary Scott mentioned this in her recent episode with us, “You may get started and things aren’t going so well until the lightbulb goes off.”

“The first thing that startups need to do is validate the idea” - Mary Scott

Validating your idea and learning what this business means to you can help you put the confidence back into yourself and see the end goal you want to achieve. Learning why making mistakes is a good thing also opens your mind to the possibility of more unique strategies that will put you ahead of your competition and ultimately benefit your long-term success.

Learning From The Past

Although making mistakes and experiencing things for ourselves is valuable to business and an integral part of getting started, it’s equally important to look at what others have done that may not have worked out for them. Analyze it, what went wrong? What happened? Understanding the reason behind the problem someone else has made can help you avoid it.

"Make your own mistakes, but don't make the same mistakes other people have made." - Mary Scott

Falling down is part of the process of entrepreneurship but it can lead to many innovative ideas as a result. Trust in yourself that you have what it takes to make a successful business and listen to the entrepreneur in you that’s telling you to try something new. Don't get discouraged by the obstacles that get in your way, and instead see them as things that can be learned from and new opportunities.

In this episode, Mary Scott gave us words of encouragement, inspiration, and innovative strategies that can help your startup reach new heights and maintain that progression.


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