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How to be Assertive In Business

Entrepreneurs around the world are noticing a shift in business and what it means to be a business owner. At first, it was best to chase after your customers and not share your secrets with competitors. Now, it’s shifting to becoming inclusive, respectful, and ‘on the trends’ of the 21st century.

Changing Business World

“Now the world is very collaborative” -Katrina Sawa

The world has become a collaborative place where business owners share what’s working for them and what could be working for others. Some would argue that this takes away the competitive nature of the business world but perhaps this paints the company in a better light.

Entrepreneurs often take on multiple roles and responsibilities that are outside of their skill set or niche. Though it’s important to understand your limitations and weaknesses, every entrepreneur should learn how to wear different hats and contribute equally to their company.

“Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to do marketing and sales” -Katrina Sawa

You may be asking, how can I be successful in this ever-changing world? The trick is to be assertive but not aggressive.

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

“You don’t want to be pushy and annoying, assertive is different” - Katrina Sawa

No one likes a pushy salesman or business owner that forces them into a decision. Not only does this create mistrust between you and the person but it also discredits your abilities and business. Being assertive means taking action when the time is right and giving the potential client space, all while planting the seeds of your innovations in their minds.

“Assertive is seeing someone who needs you and you ask them ‘hey would you like my help?” - Katrina Sawa

Approach your potential customers how you would want to be approached. If you hate spam-related emails, why would they enjoy spam emails? More often than not, they won’t. Keeping the client or customer in mind throughout your sales process will give you a leg up on your competitors and set you apart from the competition.

“Talk to people like they’re a referral source for you first and then they will self select themselves if they’re interested in what you’re doing and ask you more.” - Katrina Sawa

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