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Hi, I'm Jennifer Gligoric

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On behalf of Tammy and I, we are so glad you're here!

Our goal is to help businesses get healthy and build the momentum needed to attract the best investors or buyers for their next stage funding or exit plan of their dreams.


Here's a bit about me and my journey that has led me to helping so many companies over the years.


Bringing Businesses into the Space Age

Not to date myself, but I have decades of experience in crisis intervention for businesses and start-up scaling with an specific expertise in building & running fully remote companies.


I'm an entrepreneur, investor and asset protection expert. I'm quite knowledgeable in the newest and most effective business structures needed in order to keep entrepreneurs' private life and assets anonymous, protected and safe. This is why I'm often sought out by Investors, Family Office Managers, VC's and Angels to check over small businesses they are vetting for investment. I am very good at auditing and seeing the potential, as well as, seeing the red flags and figuring out how to fix them.

I've worked both sides of the fence but always with the same goal in mind - making companies healthy, building momentum and getting electricity back in the culture, vibe and sales so that they are fun again, profitable and have raving fans for customers through superior processes. 


Recently I've "leveled up" my game into a more global and space-related mindset. This is often the thing about me that surprises and captures people's attention the most.


In late 2019 I was elected by vote of over a million Asgardians as a Member of Parliament.  For those of you unfamiliar (because, well it's been a weird couple of years),  Asgardia is the world's first digital democracy that is building the first space nation. It's been humbling working with the other Parliament members who are renowned in their fields and in their countries and world. I've met and collaborated Nobel Prize winners, Cosmonauts who've been to space, the heads of some of the world's largest charities and worked with the Chair of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, who many might know from his over 13 years as a popular member of British Parliament and the fact that his parents were world-renowned mathematicians.  


In December 2020, I was elected to Government in the Cabinet as one of only twelve Ministers around the world as the new Minister of Equity and Resources.  My job will be to work with investors, developers, real estate entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world building Asgardian assets and our global free-market economy while working with the other Ministers and with Parliamentary leaders around the world. It's a massive honor and also massive work which will allow the unique ability to tap in and work with innovative disruptors around the world in very new ways.

I worked very hard in 2020 in this very new world with a focus on entrepreneurs and building citizenship. I know we can crowd-source our future immediately, build a better society and a better world while integrating a new, more ecologically sound and vibrant economy among Asgardians through Ethical Entrepreneurship.  


Of course, I still work with investors and businesses in the US, Canada and certain UK/EU countries with a hope to extend to South & Central America by 2025. I believe that through Ethical Entrepreneurship we can build better businesses, communities and strengthen families around the world to make the world a better place for us all.  


If you're a business looking to get healthy to attract top-notch serious investors or are at the stage that you're thinking you'd like to build for a great exit so you can start your next adventure then you're at the right place.  I'd love to hear more about you, your passion and see if I or one of my many connections to help you and your team get where you're wanting to go.  CHAT WITH ME HERE

Even if you're not at that stage we have just upgraded our popular 30 Day Bootstrap Bootcamp to help solopreneurs and very small companies struggling to get to that point.  It's on a new platform, comes with it's own community and a vastly upgraded experience (to go along with the website.  Our Bootcamp is the perfect start on the right path to getting healthy, focused and ready to get on the path to getting investors or buyers interested in your business.  LEARN MORE HERE

I'm so excited you are here and hope we provide you with valuable education, community, connections and strategies to help you achieve your dreams.


Jennifer Gligoric, Founder - EntrePods

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Existing government systems are outdated and have been proven inefficient countless times.  We believe that through the latest stack of technologies we can create a truly humanistic government. 

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Asgardia aims to unite people in a transnational, equal and progressive society to build a new home for humanity in space and protect planet Earth.

  • First Human Born in Space

  • Digital Nation

  • Safe Earth & Peace in Space


If you are interested in global and digital real estate, space and technology ventures or wish to be connected to potential business joint venture partners around the world please reach out to me.


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