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Benefits of a Support System and Self Development

Self development and growing as a person can bring you positivity in your personal and professional life. On Entrepods we spoke with Dr.Loubna Erraji who shared with us her story relating to self growth and building her community. She knew she wanted to give others the same knowledge she had, and her company Advantis Consulting came to be.

Understanding Self Development

Dr.Loubna Erraji reflected on her own personal journey, “I was doing a lot of personal development and self development work that helped me. We cannot do things on our own” Stated Dr.Erraji. A lot of the time, we like to think we can do everything on our own and not lean on others, this will eventually lead you down a path filled with burnout and stress.

By consciously and continuously improving yourself, you begin to see improvement with life skills, connections, relationships, and overall mental health. It’s important as business people to seek out our weaknesses and turn them into strengths or seek to be better in areas we may feel like are lacking from our day to day routine.

Self development opportunities can come in a variety of different ways. It could be something as simple as committing to stay hydrated throughout the day or something as big as changing your outlook on life and becoming a more positive person. Whatever the case may be, self development goals for work can help cultivate a better work environment and maintain a positive work morale.

“I made it through by surrounding myself with a great support system” - Dr.Loubna Erraji

Building a Support System

When speaking about self development vs self growth and everything in between, it’s important to also mention support systems. On Entrepods, we often talk about building your communities and network. We truly believe that having a solid foundation to build on will help you reach heights you never thought were possible.

When working with her clients, Dr.Loubna Erraji noticed something start to happen, “They realize they're not the only ones facing those specific challenges.” One of the many benefits in having a positive culture surround you is you begin to see that you are not alone in your struggles with your business or personal life. Having that extra validation can make all the difference in someone and what they’re choosing to do with their entrepreneurial journey.

“It’s important that we have communities and people around us.” - Dr.Loubna Erraji

Having a healthy balance of personal and professional communities can help enlighten us in multiple aspects of our life. Support those who have supported you and build those relationships that can lift you up and make an impact on you.

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