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Use Creative Marketing To Build Your Business

As a business owner, one of the most important things you can do for your company is marketing. Learning creative marketing strategies will help you stand out from your competition and promote your brand to a larger audience. Effective marketing strategies keep the client base and possible connections in mind. In our latest episode, Mark Newsome taught us that being your authentic self and putting yourself out there is the top route to success.


Portraying your business and the message your company stands for is the essence of creative marketing. In our episode with Mark Newsome he gave us a great insight into what it takes to use creative marketing to your advantage.

  • Get involved in your community

The community you’re in has built your business and will continue to make or break it for you. They’re the ones who are bringing revenue into your company (more likely than not) and getting involved in your community shows your appreciation for them. Not only this but it also helps with our second point.

  • Have an authentic voice:

Your clients and customers are smart. They know when your company is being transparent or when it’s building a wall. People like to know the face behind the business and often want to feel like they know who's running it. Build an authentic voice surrounding your brand to build real relationships with your customers. This will help you gain recommendations and build a small community within your business.

  • Build connections with small businesses:

You’re not the only fish in the pond! Building connections with other small businesses gives you the opportunity to do a joint marketing strategy. You promote your business at their location, and you promote theirs at yours. This effective marketing strategy gives you the chance to not only reach a wider audience but to offer promos and coupons to new customers.

  • Treat your customers like they matter:

This may seem like the most obvious tip to get your brand out there, but many businesses take the wrong approach to it. Clients or customers want to feel important, like you listen to them, and that you value their time. By showing them that you and your company can do all three, they’ll stay loyal to your company. Loyal customers means long time consumers, which in turn, means reliable revenue.


Standing out from your competition is a keystone in a great marketing strategy for small businesses. Doing your research and finding out what works for other brands can help you build a solid foundation. One thing Mark warned us about in doing this is to not absorb the other company's personality. Meaning, you want to remain unique and still tailor to the customers you’re attracting.

Not all businesses are created the same, which means what may work for other businesses may not work for you. Finding the creative marketing strategy that correctly represents your brand and voice will give you the leverage you need to stand out. Asking yourself what marketing strategies will work best for you can help you start to build an idea or two that works specifically for your audience.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture, and although it’s great to stand out from the crowd, it’s equally important to take a step back and evaluate the situation at hand. Creative marketing strategies are the best way to build your brand and get your name out there. Think of unique promos, talk to other businesses, think of the customers, and most of all; make your business authentic.


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