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Where Entrepreneurs Should Start: Setting Your Mindset

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. There are pitfalls, roadblocks, ups, and downs, and sometimes it can be downright disappointing. You may be asking yourself, “why would anyone want to become an entrepreneur?” Although it may seem like the world is against entrepreneurs and their businesses, it’s in fact the opposite.

Having the correct mindset and igniting the passion within yourself to push forward is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. How can we keep this flame of determination alive?

Entrepreneurship is a Process

We recently had Robert Riopel on EntrePods who gave us an insight into his world and how he overcame challenges with his business. He started out as a franchisee and realized that it just wasn’t for him. He wanted to be his own boss and do what he loves most.

“I learned so much as a franchisee. But I would never do business like that again and I’d do it with a whole other mindset.” - Robert Riopel

Robert taught us that it’s all about perspective. Where do you see yourself ending up and where do you want to be? Having this main goal in mind can keep you laser-focused on your dream and how to get there. Put in the work to your business so that you’re able to step back from day-to-day responsibilities and make the bigger picture come to life. Robert learned how to systemize everything and make his business modern.

Building a business is not easy and it can be hard to give up control within your company. Eventually, it will become absolutely necessary for you to make the correct hiring decisions and learn how to trust people outside of yourself and your close inner circle. This is how you will expand your business and get an increase in revenue. Entrepreneurship comes with a purpose and your purpose should be improving your business and making your dream become a reality.

“When you’re an entrepreneur you have to be willing to go all-in” - Robert Riopel

Motivation and determination are the main entrepreneurial characteristics. You have to be willing to go all-in for your business and what you want to achieve. Constantly be asking yourself “what’s next? How can this be improved?” And make a plan accordingly. Learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and avoid the scarcity mentality as it can quickly become detrimental to your mindset and thus your end goal.

Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Flame

Entrepreneurship will always be work and something that you will constantly need to be improving. Robert gave us the invaluable advice of believing in yourself and taking what you’re passionate about and then becoming exceptional at it. Put in the work.

Remember that everyone goes through the journey and the rollercoaster that can often be explained as entrepreneurship. Don’t compare yourself to others and where they are at in their process, focus on your own and the rest will start to fall into place.

“If you go into fear and you hold yourself back you’re not going to move forward” - Robert Riopel

Take care of yourself and take the time you need to rejuvenate. It’s important to find your balance and carve out time to put yourself first. It helps many entrepreneurs to set a schedule to have their time to work and focus on a task and then set aside 10-15 minutes of a mental break. Space away from your work will help you come back clear-headed and keep your gears turning.

Life is all about lessons and if you don’t understand a lesson that was given to you the first time it will more likely than not repeat itself. Embrace the chaos and let life come to you so you can go with the flow.

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