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How to Find Joy in Your Job Again

Throughout different stages, in our lifetime we may feel the urge to start over or continue down a new path career-wise. Choosing the right career for yourself doesn’t have to be difficult and can still lead you towards fulfillment and happiness in your life. SJ Braun appeared in our most recent episode of Entrepods who is the CEO and Founder of Super Purposes based in Seattle, Washington. SJ helps those who are in a transformative phase in their lives to realize their full potential and how to be confident while doing so.

Focus On Your Goals

If you feel stuck in your life or career and are looking for a change, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to find your end goal. What is it that you’re looking for out of your career? Is it money? If so, what can that money do for you? Answering these questions can help successfully lead you into the next stage of your life.

“It sets forth the journey to becoming the person you want to be.” -SJ

Looking internally to discover the root of your problems first before moving on to your career is something that SJ put high importance on. She gave an example of a client discussing with her that she wanted a career change to feed her kids consistently. SJ advised that the first step is to focus on her children being fed, not the career to feed the kids. This may seem counterintuitive, but isn’t the reason for a job to provide? Absolutely! But, having tunnel vision could hinder your ability to be open to opportunities that may come your way.

“It is a life-changing moment. You can hear and see and feel the excitement when people get a new job.” - SJ

A Changing Workforce

There’s no question about it, the workforce has drastically changed in the last couple of years with no intention of reverting. These changes are encouraging a new set of employees to come forward and finding your niche will be important in ensuring you can go with the flow. As SJ said, “The way work works is different. It’s never going to go back to what it once was.”

With the world constantly changing and we, as people, constantly evolving our goals in life are bound to change. Having that adaptability within ourselves can be the determining factor in our success and how we choose to accept the future. By learning new skills and developing as a person, you’ll be able to find the true meaning in your career and become the person that you want to be.


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