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What It Means To Be A Young Entrepreneur

In our most recent episode of Entrepods, we had a unique interview with… Me! I’m Emme Chadwick, the Web Content Manager for Entrepods and recently I started an LLC. After reaching out to Jennifer, we decided that having a young entrepreneurial voice on the show would provide another perspective on the meaning of entrepreneurship. Though this blog post may be slightly different in comparison to our others, the principles lead back to the same origin: ethical entrepreneurship.

Trial and Errors of Young Entrepreneurs

During this episode, we talk a lot about young entrepreneurs and what it means to be someone in the workforce today. It can be difficult to learn how to place boundaries to create a healthy work-life balance but necessary to truly cultivate the best workplace and opportunities possible. As I began my journey, I talked about how I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Like most visionaries, I constantly contemplated how to make more money. Coming from humble beginnings in a single-parent household, I knew that it was something I wanted more than anything. My dad truly saw this as a way to show me my creative side while giving me the power to become who I wanted to be. Our seashell necklace business turn poster-making business wasn’t as successful as an elementary schooler might have hoped, but it inspired me to not give up.

Embracing The Journey

This directly translated into my adult life. Once I knew I wanted to be a writer, it was something I put all my energy into. I went to school full time, had internships, and worked full time to support myself. Though this wasn’t the easiest path to take, I often reflected on my parents pushing me to be the creative individual they knew. After some time and experience, I landed my dream job as the head of a design team for a company.

After grueling 16-hour workdays, early morning meetings, unpaid overtime, learning web design on the fly, and being underpaid I was suddenly terminated along with others. This came as a shock as I was making an international move during the time and only took two days off work (the flying days). I put my heart into this job only to be given nothing but an emailed termination notice in return.

After going through years of hard work in my career I decided it was time to finally pursue my biggest dream yet: starting my own business. Years went into the planning of this business. Scrapped ideas and frustration built quickly as I didn’t know how my puzzle piece would fit together until finally, Immersively Created LLC was formed.

We talk a lot about embracing our journey here on Entrepods, and what entrepreneurship means. As young millennials often experience the bumpy road that is life, we may find ourselves questioning where we belong and if the choices we make are the right decisions. The worst thing that can happen to us is that we start over and learn from our mistakes. Young entrepreneurs are building businesses more than ever before and harnessing the ethical side of this will be crucial for the future workforce.

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