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Promote New Ideas and Prevent Burnout

The thing that entrepreneurs struggle with the most is taking care of themselves before their business. Ironically enough, it’s one of the best things you can do to get an influx of new ideas coming your way. Taking a break and stepping away from your desk (even if it’s only an hour) can help prevent burnout and give you time to think clearly about your problem.


In our latest episode with Maria Brito, we spoke about the harmful mentality that the working population faces. We believe that you constantly have to be working or improving in order to not get fired, be replaced, or receive a promotion. Although hard work is a good quality to have, it should not take over your life and consume every second of it.

“There’s this mentality that if you’re not 24/7 on then something’s going to happen.” - Maria Brito

Work burnout can sneak up on you and is different from your day to day stress. It’s better described as a constant state of unhappiness that ultimately leads to less productivity and no motivation. Learning how to deal with burnout can help alleviate any symptoms you may be feeling. Don’t be afraid to do self care, listen to your favorite song, do your hobby, or sit on your porch with a cup of coffee.


Lin-Manuel Miranda is a classic example of taking time and letting new ideas flow to you. The famous creator of the broadway show Hamilton explained that he was on a vacation in Mexico when the idea of creating his masterpiece came to mind. He said that being distraction free and letting go of his worries for a moment allowed himself to open up his mind to new possibilities. When our guest Maria Brito gave us this example, it all started to come together and the bigger picture was more obvious than ever before.

“One of the most important things is to claim creativity for yourself” - Maria Brito

Remove the distractions that are draining your senses and build an environment that your mind can freely work in. Maria explained that creativity is not always arts and crafts, but more so “bringing things to our presence with a twist.” By evaluating what is in our lives and learning how to make it our own, we can discover new ideas everyday.

Look for signs of burnout at work and find the self care strategies that work best for you. We may be tempted to spend all of our time on our business, but ultimately, taking a step back can give us a clear sense of what we would like to see happen to our company. Self care isn’t selfish and can be beneficial to both you and the business you’re trying to build.

By taking care of yourself, you take care of your business.

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