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Observation about Mindfulness

Last night I watched the same person bite their lip & shout painfully 3, 4? times while eating glued to a screen completely tuned out. With each new bite their frustration grew worse but they refused to change their behavior (even when I pointed out "Slow down, be mindful, take your time")

It made me think of all the things in business we do mindlessly that harm us. The next time you are zoned out try and pause & be more #Mindful. Either take the time to find a way to enjoy or appreciate what you're doing, pay attention to why you don't enjoy what you're doing (and if you haven't already, make a plan to give this task to someone who does enjoy it) or simply pretend that you're the employee and your boss just asked you to "make this process better" and think about if that is possible. Every zone out is actually trying to tell you something. Maybe you need a break? Maybe you shouldn't be doing this? Maybe something inside of you is telling you there is a better way that will get better results. Listen to yourself more and take time (especially while eating yummy food!) to appreciate where you are in this particular moment and if you really find you are zoning out because you are unhappy in this moment - change it.

The power is all yours.


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