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Podcasting For Beginners: Become #1 in Your Industry

When we spoke to Phil Pelucha on Entrepods, we knew we landed a big name. We wanted to soak in all the advice he had about becoming one of the top people in the industry. Phil provided us with amazing insights that lead us to recognize the importance of networking and how to use podcasting to get there.

Start Building Your Mindset

We’ve talked about it many times before, on Entrepods, it all starts with mindset. Phil was no exception to the rule and echoed what we’ve been saying. He found it utterly vital to recognize your worth in the position you are now, visualize yourself progressing, and jump on board to get started.

“This is about positioning in the market, this is about understanding what it is you offer and who to. And then it’s helping those people become and authority in their industry” - Phil Pelucha

When Phil talked to us about his expertise, he started by telling us what he did to get to the top. “How much money am I making this company and why can’t I just do it myself?” Said Pelucha, and we think this is a question that more people need to start asking themselves. Understanding the value that we can bring to those we want to do business with can greatly improve our sales, connections, and overall abilities.

Pelucha also stated that we should “think about who we want to interview with.” Interviewing with individuals on our podcast will allow us to take great strides in the industry we want to be in. You connect with a guest, speak with them, and now that’s someone in your network. But why is networking so important?

How Networking Helps Business

“Invite people on that you want to do business with or could do a partnership with or explore what the opportunities are” - Phil Pelucha

Networking with podcast guests can give your business more exposure as well as help you explore additional opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. Podcasting is a great way to start building your network.

Thinking ahead and formulating the strategy you want to take action on will give you a leg up. You’ll be prepared, concise, and know the direction you want to head. Networking can be used for a multitude of things and as Phil said, “It’s all about playing the game but most people aren’t even aware that there’s a strategy behind that.”

“If you were already number one in your industry, who would you network with? Who would you do business with?” - Phil Pelucha

Ask yourself the important questions that make you think. Don’t just dream about who you would like to interview, but start writing down a list of names. Reach out to these individuals, get them on your show. Once you’ve done that… You’ve just become number one in your industry.


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