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Benefits of Transparent Health Insurance

Searching high and low for the best health insurance is something that every American will take on at one point or another in their lifetime. It gets tiring looking through countless plans that never seem to match up with your personal or financial needs. When we spoke with Shane Foss in our most recent Entrepods episode, we asked the questions that mattered.

Shane Foss is the CEO and Founder of Hooray Healthy, an innovative health care prevention plan that incorporates transparency and coverage for their customers.

Affordable Health Insurance is Possible

“Unfortunately it seems that we as consumers are never at the top of their list.” - Shane Foss

Shane was adamant to make the mission of Hooray Health be centered around the patients. He was all too familiar with the concepts many “big name” corporations have and wanted to create something different. Hooray Health has its own provider network with over 3,500+ Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers. With a $25 copay, low monthly premiums, and no balance bills, Shane has paved the way for something incredible.

“We wanted our members to go see a doctor, pay the $25 and reduce that barrier” - Shane Foss

When there is a high deductible it makes it more challenging to see a doctor because typically it is into the thousands of dollars and many people are unable to afford that. Accessing quality health care is something everyone wants. Shane and his team have successfully created a health insurance company that’s based on empathy and understanding.

Transparent Pricing With Hooray Health

With today’s “big name” health insurance corporations it can be seemingly impossible to receive transparent pricing. With special contracts and CPT codes, knowing what you will be paying is almost always hidden.

“It’s very frustrating, it doesn't make any sense.”

CPT codes are medical codes that are used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures to physicians, health insurance companies, and other various accreditation organizations. An incorrect CPT code entered or the variability of your health insurance paying different prices for CPT codes than other insurances makes it hard to know what the true price is and what should be reflected as such.

At Hooray Health Shane and his team said: “Let’s define pricing transparency.” With their health insurance plan, you know what you’re paying for.

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