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The Questions You Ask Matter

We spoke with nutrition expert and exercise enthusiast, Nate Palmer, on our latest episode of EntrePods! Nate talks about what it’s like being a father and entrepreneur and the energy it requires of him. He discusses an important point that many parents and business owners can relate to: you’re drained once you get home. Nate wanted to change this for not only himself but those he helps with his program.

Nutrition Improves Your Energy

It might be hard to think of your nutrition while you’re constantly on the go, but this is exactly why it should be at the forefront of your mind! Humans don’t have naturally occuring energy, we create it This means we should be doing activities and eating to help us get closer to our goals. Nutrition and wellness are essential to giving you the energy you need to get through your busy day as an entrepreneur. Keeping your health in mind can be as easy as taking the stairs, going on a walk, or doing meditation and affirmations.

“If all anyone did was go for a walk for 30 minutes or an hr every single day, it would change the entire culture of the US” - Nate Palmer

Creating a morning routine can give you that extra burst of energy you need. Nate gave us the following tips for the best morning routine for busy people:

  • Wake up

  • Take 60 seconds of explosive exercise

  • Drink 32 ounces of water

  • Eat a balanced breakfast

This not only starts your day off right but stacks your “wins,” which gives you a better sense of accomplishment at the beginning of your day. It aids you in making decisions to prevent decision fatigue from setting in. By incorporating a routine, you know what you’ll be doing every morning which takes out the stress of the first part of your day.

Change Your Mindset to Match Your Goals

Nutrition can affect your mental health, but your mindset also plays an important part in getting yourself moving and grooving. By simply changing the way you speak to yourself, you can become more confident and ready to take on the day. For example, when we are learning something new or starting a new company, we tell ourselves “I’m not good at this.” Instead of this, approach it with a more positive outlook and say “Every time I try this I’m getting better at it.” As humans, we’re constantly learning and letting ourselves accept that will take the pressure off our shoulders and improve our motivation to get things done.

“One is a roadblock, it’s a stop, the other is a possibility.” - Nate Palmer

Nate walked us through a scenario that he went through recently. He’d been in a bad mood for a while and getting upset at every little thing that crossed his path. One day while he was driving, someone cut him off. He immediately started with “What’s wrong with that guy? Why would he do this?” A few weeks passed by and he learned from his coach that if you change the questions you ask, you can change your outlook. He immediately thought back to the anger he felt and realized he could’ve said something like “I wonder where they are going. I wonder why they are in such a rush.”

Asking yourself the right questions and rewording them in a more uplifting way, you change the way you view the world and the answers you get in return. What we think impacts our day and what we want to achieve. Instead, we should be asking ourselves what we can do to remain, as Nate put it, “Motivational, inspirational, and uplifting.”

Being an entrepreneur can be draining and you may start to lose your motivation along the way. Keep your nutrition and wellness in mind when creating your routines and give yourself the patience you deserve.

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