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The Highs and Lows of Running a Business

As many entrepreneurs have experienced before, running and starting your own business can be stressful, exhausting, and downright discouraging at times! Although we hit a few roadblocks, we always get back up and think of the next best thing that will change our lives. Chasing after these ideas and then finally landing your “big break” can leave you with the question of, well now what? You may start to ask yourself how you can start to build your business empire.

Bumps in The Road When Starting Your Own Business

Though there’s no magic equation that will give you all the right answers when it comes to entrepreneurship, there are certain tips for building a business that will help you succeed in the long run. In our latest episode on Entrepods, we spoke with Sigrun, a self-made entrepreneur who grew her own business from the ground up. Though at times it felt like an uphill battle, Sigrun had to learn the ins and outs of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and is now sharing her knowledge with others.

A feeling that’s all too familiar is burnout, Sigrun felt this physically and mentally and became exhausted quickly. Now, finding herself without a job and unemployable, she was waiting for the best idea to come into her head. After months and months of thinking, she came to the conclusion that business consulting was her calling. She wasn’t sure how to grow it quite yet but knew this was the path for her.

Entrepreneurs often search for the “perfect business idea,” but the truth is you won’t know what it is until it finds you. Start your goals small and don’t begin to doubt yourself at the beginning of your journey. Giving up early on because of a few minor setbacks can ultimately lead to you not reaching your goals in the first place.

“You start to doubt yourself and have all these mindset struggles.” - Sigrun

At some point, you need to begin to change the structure of your company. As you find yourself growing and developing your passion, it’s time to think of the future. You’ll find that shifting your mindset from ‘I need to be building my business to ‘How can I improve my company’ is not easy.

After you come into a period of fast growth, now it’s time to catch up with yourself. Building the right team is essential to every successful business (big or small). As Sigrun experienced, there will be wrong hires along the way, and figuring out how to navigate those situations is important to the overall culture you want at your company. Shift your mindset and start looking at your business in a different way.

Is Running a Business Worth It in The End?

“It’s all about mindset at the end of the day” -Sigrun

Running a business either in person or remotely and learning how to start building your own business can be a major challenge to take on at first. At times, Sigrun completely doubted herself but realized she wanted to prove to herself and others that this is something she could do.

Keep pushing yourself and your company to be the best versions they can be. Your mission with your business is never truly over because there are always ways you can improve it and see your vision come to life. By finding your passion and your purpose, you’ll fall in love with what you do and be more driven than ever to reach your goals.

It may seem scary to switch things up but changing your business is a good thing. It’s ever-changing and there’s no right or wrong answer for how people do things. What works for some may not work for others, and finding your groove is what should matter most. Every company is different and therefore your problems will be different but by defining the kind of company you want to rise with, you will find that taking those challenges head-on will become easier and easier with your growth.


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