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Philanthropy, Space and Russell Brand

It's sometimes hard to be an entrepreneur, especially when the most talked about examples of entrepreneurship might not share our values, ethics and community/humanity-caring goals. However, we can't let this discourage us or forget that it's we entrepreneurs that shape the course of history and we have the power, the voice to do so very much with it. Entrepreneurship is not a dirty word and we can't let the actions of a very small, albeit mega-powerful few, to ruin the opportunity for good our passionate professional calling gives us.

The "balance tipped" for us in many ways when "in 2000 when the Institute for Policy Studies in the US reported that 51 of the largest economies in the world were corporations, and 49 were national economies."

That's basically the opening sequence for every dystopian gritty sci-fi future film in history and now it's reality here. We at EntrePods are constantly having conversations that matter with some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds and are consistently looking to increase the collective power of our voices to bring positive change and to ensure the the opportunity to have abundant, happy & healthy lives worth living is available to everyone through ethical entrepreneurship.

The world is changing rapidly and we do have the power to change the course for the better. I'm (this is Jennifer writing this) am a Member of Parliament for the nation of Asgardia. The world first fully digital nation whose sole goal is to build the first space society that is peaceful, scientific and driven by ethical entrepreneurship for the greater good of all humanity. This sounds like "woo woo" out there stuff until you realize that not too long ago the world's greatest scientific minds were being burned at the stake for suggesting that science might be wrong about a flat earth. That science was not a religion, never to be questioned, but a constant questioning, testing and fact finding to get to core truths.

(Sidenote: If that last sentence feels like it's radical to you - then you really need to listen to the rest of this.)

We encourage you to listen to this recent questioning of #RussellBrand and #RutgerBregman, Dutch Historian who made waves in Davos for merely mentioning tax and toxic philanthropy schemes that negatively effect us all - especially us entrepreneurs. In typical Russell style you'll be giggling as he pulls out hard facts, data, video clips even as your stomach flips in realizing how truly ridiculous this all is.

The good news is that we have power, we entrepreneurs and we can lend our voices to those of Russell & Rutger and amplify them. If you feel so led, please share this and reach out to us here at EntrePods especially if you are in the financial, CPA, tax advice space for entrepreneurs to discuss what we can do and the ways we can create ethical philanthropy and pave the way by our actions on how this really should be done.

There should be a huge range of "happy medium" that the majority of people can fit it between constantly fear of losing basic food, shelter and clothing and a handful of rich billionaires controlling 51% of the world's economic power at the detriment to the planet & humanity. We have power and we need to use it for good, as well as, educate ourselves on ways we can shore up our own lives to provide comfort, abundance, health and happiness to ourselves and our communities.

If you feel you have something to add, please reach out on and fill out the Guest Form.

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