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How To Grow Your Sales and Your Confidence

We all know the typical lines when it comes to being a better salesperson. “Make connections,” “Network all the time,” and while this is all sound advice for client relationships, there comes a time when we need to dig deeper. Defining what qualities make a good salesperson is vital in your future success. In our latest episode with Lisa Hocker who is the CEO and Founder of Direct Af Sales, we gained an introspective look at how to do just that.


Many people will say that they are never a salesperson and will never be one, and this is untrue. Whether you’re a graphic designer, physician, or attorney you are always selling a product, service, or even innocence in a case. Everything in life is sales and if you’re an entrepreneur with a business, you are most definitely selling. But how do we become productive enough to see the results we want?

Create a daily method of operation. In our episode with Lisa Hocker, she mentions a system she developed involving dice. On each side of the dice, there was a different task that led to a more productive day. When she would wake up in the morning, she’d roll the dice and whatever two tasks it landed on she made it her goal to complete it. By doing income-producing activities, we can get back our motivation that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

Every day, make positive steps forward no matter how small it may seem. A win is a win, and celebrate the simple things in life that propel you forward. Take a gamble on yourself and your business to always move forward. As Lisa said, “If you are not learning if you are not promoting your growth intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, your business with not move forward”


The success of your business is dependent on your attitude, self-confidence, and determination to improve not only your company but yourself as well. Getting into a new mindset can be difficult at first, but once you find your cadence, you’ll see your changes take effect.

Do something for yourself. Self-development is reliant on a healthy mind and body and it doesn’t always have to be entrepreneurial. Go for a walk, listen to a podcast, whatever it may be to take that 20-30 minute break to reset. The creation of habits is important, especially for entrepreneurs. Burnout can happen quickly and by doing things to improve your daily life, you can begin to self-reflect and make the necessary changes.

“Create new neural pathways in your brain and your creativity is going to explode which means your business is going to explode and your relationships are going to get better” - Lisa Hocker

As you begin to look inwards, see where your faults may lie, take responsibility, and then make a plan to take action. Not only will this help with your productivity but give you the organization you need to keep going. Don’t blame the world for your failures, instead, take it upon yourself to get back up and continue to grow your business organically.

Your business can grow by several things. Being confident in yourself and making a daily plan of action can help your numbers increase remarkably. Lisa Hocker shared a piece of advice with us, “Getting your business to move forward in tiny incremental steps. There is no such thing as overnight success, it’s a myth.” You can’t put a rush on something that takes time to develop, so take a breath, learn who you are as an entrepreneur, and move forward.

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