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How To Choose Our Own Path: Feelings From Facts

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As entrepreneurs, we like to believe that our destiny is our own (which it is). We choose how we shape the world in front of us and how we want to get there. Having our fate decided for us isn’t something we welcome and laying out the path in front of us works best. In our episode with Lisa Anderson Shaffer, she walks us through the important questions she asked herself and how that got her to where she is today.

Finding Your Place

We may feel all too familiar with trying to find our place in the world and what that looks like for us. As we begin to start a new chapter in our lives, it can be difficult to distinguish how we should continue. In our episode with Lisa, she describes a time when she felt the same way.

After starting her psychology practice, she found that after all expenses were said and done, she was only taking home $70. Like any entrepreneur, she wanted more and most of all, she wanted better for her and her family. Lisa decided it was time to start over and do something she truly loved. Her husband and she had a discussion and decided that if she could take home $70 a week with her new career choice, it would be the best move to move on from her practice.

“The first year of growth was just about meeting that minimum and reminding myself about that decision that I had made” - Lisa Anderson Shaffer

After months of work, Lisa began to break even and earn more than her $70 benchmark.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

“Whether you are striving to be a more perceptive leader, and more empathic parent, or a more intimately connected partner, psychology teaches us all how to be our best selves alongside each other.” - Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Lisa had to remind herself to separate facts from feelings. Although she felt like giving up and doubted herself in the beginning, she knew that this was the correct path for her and her family. As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to let self-doubt in and take over but by asking ourselves the right questions we can begin to see our future in a different light.

  1. Think about where you want to end up

  2. Decide on your “breaking point”

  3. Determine why you are doing what you’re doing

Entrepreneurship isn’t only about building your business, but also building yourself along the way and finding out what you want to represent.

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