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Asgardia: A Year In Review

We’ve all had an eventful 2021, and as we move further into the new year it’s only natural to look back and see the things we’ve accomplished. Our host, Jennifer Gilgoric, is the Minister of Equity and Resources at Asgardia. She provides us with some insights on their year 0005 and what to expect in 0006!

What Is The Purpose of Asgardia?

Asgardia is a space nation whose main goal is to provide “peaceful space exploration, protect our home planet from cosmic threats and lead the development of new Space Law to eliminate militarization of space.” Asgardia sent a satellite into space that is called Asgardia-1 and plans to live on the moon in 2043 free from the restraint of other countries who may fight for that space.

This peaceful nation of individuals across the globe have created their own constitution, parliament, and more. With elected officials and citizens of Asgardia that are dedicated to the achievement of Asgardia, this space nation has increased it’s numbers from its founding in 2017.

The nation of ASgardia shows a promising future and vows to “Build the future through democracy and innovations. No matter where you are.” Many Asgaridans seek citizenship due to it’s differently structured government, inclusivity, freedom, and transparent economy.

Our Host Jennifer Gilgoric and Asgardia

“Year 0005 was my first year in Parliament, so everything involved in the new Government and Parliament creations was momentous in my mind.

Last December I was beginning the education process to dig deeper into the meaning & mission of Asgardia over and above what I had been following on the website and social media these past years. Nothing prepared me for the reality of how much work's been done and is being done by the immensely intelligent and talented Asgardians behind the scenes. It has been exhilarating and overwhelming at times.

Looking back, if I had to pick the milestone I feel for me is one of the most major, it would have to be the Asgardia Corporations and Enterprise Act which created the first Asgardia business and facilitated the launch of beta testing for the new Trade & Commerce portal.

These crucial first steps open the door for a booming economy in the making where Asgardians can create, innovate, trade, invest and work with other Asgardian companies all over the world. It allows Asgardians to find and hire talent that share their innovative mindset with a core value of ethical entrepreneurship that betters our world and creates a healthier earth and society as we look again to the stars and our limitless potential.

I'm excited for 0006 and to see how exponentially we can work together to build upon all the work that's been done this last half decade as we continue to build relationships with private enterprise, the space industries around the world, scientists, researchers, businesses, healthcare innovators, artists and creative, to grow Asgardians residency and our capacity for incredible good.”

  • Jennifer Gligoric, Minister of Equity and Resources at Asgardia


  1. Is Asgardia a real country?

Yes and no, Asgardia is the first-ever “Space Kingdom”, which means it is not a country on Earth. It's based on a satellite currently in low Earth orbit.

  1. How do I join Asgardia?

You can complete your Asgardian registration easily online by clicking here or visiting their website.

  1. Who created Asgardia?

Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian-Azerbaijani scientist and engineer.


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