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Taking your business further

Entrepreneurial Investment & Operational Strategies for businesses seeking funding or strong exit outcomes

EntrePods Podcast

A World of Expert Advice

We discuss the latest business, investing & internal growth advice for Entrepreneurs & Investors.

We are Radically Civilized with a focus on doable solutions that make the most positive impacts in your business, financial, personal & community life.

Our Education

Consulting, Courses, Collaboration

You and your organization don't have to go it alone. 


No one understands entrepreneurs and investors more than EntrePods. 


We have a unique network of innovative colleagues, investors and collaborators dedicated to supporting and growing Ethical Entrepreneurship. 

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Don't go it alone

EntrePods have innovative and differing paths for businesses either needing help to prepare and secure outside investment or need to strengthen operations and sales to secure the best exit outcomes.   


The right path depends on your organization's unique needs.

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Portfolio & Opportunity

Portfolio asset improvement services for family office and investment managers. Help minimize risk by diversifying and develop key points to highlight effectively. 

Pre-market global / space investment liaison.

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Entrepreneur Support

We make it easy for potential and existing clients to stay connected and get access to the information and support they need in the frequency and intensity they need it.

For solo and smaller businesses we offer digital education and group engagement in our community platform. This includes our popular 30 Day Bootstrap Bootcamp training for brand new or struggling small businesses.

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Partnerships & Opportunities

In December 2021, after a year as an elected member of Parliament for the nation of Asgardia our Founder, Jennifer Gligoric, was elected to the Government Ministry by Parliament for Asgardia. As the new Minister of Equity & Resources, her job is to work with entrepreneurs and investors all over the world to build and invest in land, space and digital real estate in various capacities.

Earth Projection

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